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Terence Higgs' Journal

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Thursday, October 16th, 2003
6:25 pm - Unexpected...~Locked to Marcus~ (NC-17 ^_~)
Terence hadn't heard from the younger professor in a few days. He was almost worried.

But something told him Marcus was terribly busy and didn't have the time to come visit him. It wasn't like Terence had the time, actually...papers seemed to be something he was grading a lot of lately thanks to Lupin. But, that's what he was here for, so there really was no room for complaining.

Having taken his nightly shower already, Higgs was dressed in a pair of black sweats and a black tank-top, his normal nightwear. If he needed to go somewhere, he'd just get his robes or something. He didn't plan on leaving, however.

There were just a few papers today that he'd been given, which was good. His hand was getting kind of cramped. Lately Terence had gotten into the habit of marking things that were good and went about writing little comments on the papers. Which was actually what he was doing just now.

The quill scratched along the parchment's side as he spoke the words softly to himself. "Very...insightful...good...work."

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
6:55 pm - Locked to Professor Lupin
He'd really had nothing to do over the past few days, sitting around aimlessly while the rumor mill seemed to speed past him.

It was getting almost sickening, all of these...relationships. The way they seemed to fly around the school, flings forming and denial setting in. Of course, he was no better, as he and Marcus were both rather...full of it themselves. But granted, they happened to wait, happened to make the experience one neither would forget.

But Terence hadn't spoken to Marcus since that night, and he really didn't know if things were different between them. All he knew was that he needed to visit Lupin, if not just to get papers, then to visit with him some.

Rapping his knuckles against the door to the other's office, Terence called in, "Professor Lupin?"

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Saturday, September 27th, 2003
7:11 pm - Locked to Marcus Flint (NC-17 Warning)
Terence had been swamped with lots of work that he'd taken for Lupin during his transformation. Ever since last night and talking with Warrington, he sort of neglected the remaining essays. He picked up on them again just shortly after the slumber party started, and he would have gone to chaperone, had he not needed to get everything squared away for the professor tomorrow.

He only had a few more to go through and then he'd be finished grading, and from there he would have to summarize what he had each class write on and what they had done during class. He had plenty of time...until Marcus arrived, that is.

Higgs gave a soft sigh as he read over a fourth year's description of the Impediment Jinx, and briefly marked errors at the bottom. It wasn't long now...

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Friday, September 26th, 2003
3:19 pm - Open

After finishing his writing in his journal, Terence stared around the desk in his room and sighed contentedly. He'd taught his first string of classes today, and it had been far from what he expected.

Most of the students made no rude comments or snide remarks about the tiny mistakes he had made (as would most likely any new teacher and/or teacher's assistant) on their first try. In fact, he'd even had a little help from some of the sixth year Slytherins, telling him what they were working on further in depth to what Lupin had wrote on his lesson plans.

Since he simply assumed that it would be a rather stressing and sort of unwelcome thing for Lupin to have to do upon transforming back, Terence took some of the left over papers from before the ones he had assigned earlier during the morning and afternoon to the library to work on correcting them. He would have done it in his room, but he needed a change of scenery.

When he arrived, the teaching assistant made his way to one of the quieter tables near the back, dropping his bag on the table and sprawling his things out upon its surface. He couldn't wait until tomorrow and what Marcus had in store, as the hasty looking, very brief script gave him ideas he contemplated on over the past night or two.

Taking out his quill, Terence began running his quill down the first paper from the stack as he began to read, which just happened to be the seventh year's essays.

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
9:42 pm
Owl to Marcus FlintCollapse )

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Monday, September 22nd, 2003
12:08 am - Private Entry
Brief Summary of Past Week(s)Collapse )


Thursday, September 18th, 2003
3:52 pm - Open
Three days. It had been three god-forsaken days and he still felt guilty. It was tearing him up inside, and he wanted to go and talk to Marcus, tell him how he was really feeling and why he'd left it that way. But it just wasn't going to happen. Not today. Maybe tomorrow, or the weekend. Yes, the weekend...that time was much more acceptable.

For the moment though, Terence didn't have anything to do. Lupin had gotten on top of grading his own papers (Higgs wasn't sure if that would last long or not, but he figured so), which left him to some free time. While he normally would have gone to his friend and spent the evening with him, he...couldn't do that. Obviously not.

As for the moment, Terence was just wandering. He eventually came down to the main floor, debating on whether to go outside, eat some food, or head to the library. Each had its nice little quirks, but he ended up choosing the latter, simply because it was a bit too sunny outside for his liking and he wasn't so hungry. When he entered the library, Higgs headed for the numerous shelves, not exactly sure as to his destination. Anything to get his mind off of Marcus.

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
6:27 pm - Locked to Pansy Parkinson
There were a few papers that Terence had indeed been given to look over by Professor Lupin, and he took them back up to his office to work on them. He'd told Pansy that that's where he would be, as she seemed to wish to discuss something with him.

He expected seventh years to be writing much more detailed responses and essays on the effects of Werewolf Dementia, as they must have known they were taught by one themselves, but only a few seemed to be rather knowledgeable on the subject. He probably didn't need to mention who.

So Terence simply sat there, reading over them with a bit of a sigh.

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Monday, September 15th, 2003
3:09 pm - Locked to Marcus Flint (NC-17 Warning!)
Last night had certainly been an interesting night. Especially when Terence had wandered off to bed.

He was subjected to dreams of a rather...unique nature, which resulted in his nocturnally emitting. That had been something Higgs figured he grew out of, and when he got up in the morning to prepare himself for the day, it was with an almost hasted sense to it.

Classes had gone by normal, and he ended up grading some papers for Lupin on the side while the man taught. But all during the day, images of Marcus and the dream he'd had the night previous kept popping into his head.

When finally the time had come for the lessons to end, Terence knew exactly where he was going. His mind was nearly reeling as he wandered up to the floor above him, his destination clear:

Marcus's office.

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
10:51 am
The morning sun that flooded into Higgs's room was the cause of his awakening that morning. It had been so late, but considering when he went to bed, everything was more or less all right.

What surprised him, however, was that he woke up with his body close to Marcus's, and his own arm was draped around the smaller man's waist, loosely gripping at the fabric of his shirt. Another surprise was how close his face was to the other, nearly squished between the pillow and the hair atop Flint's head.

He would have woken up and gone about his normal morning activities, but today...no. He'd wait for just a little while longer.

At least until Marcus woke up, that is.


Saturday, September 13th, 2003
3:34 pm
Terence had gone on down to the Great Hall to catch a brief lunch. He didn't often eat when there were others around, choosing to eat when the students were in classes, then working when they were off. It wasn't so much him being anti-social...Higgs just enjoyed quiet. Few in company was all right, but he didn't often spend time with people to really realize it.

When he was finished eating, he wandered up toward Lupin's office, intent on grading the papers. There would inevitably be more Hogsmeade trips during the school year, so missing the first one wasn't that big a deal for him.

Brushing off the front of his forest green robes, Higgs brushed a hand across the stubble on his chin, then knocked on the door. It was just the polite thing to do.

"Professor? I've come to grade those papers you asked me to."

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